Management Consultancy

The managerial skill is the path of success of every business organisation and here we work on products/services, manpower, polices, technology, financial planning and controls. In ordinary course of business ,the resources required like land, building and machinery are easily purchased from the market by paying the money but it is the skill of management which converts the promoter’s dreams into results. We offer a wide range of management consultancy services in various areas of business such as –


Product/Service Restructuring

In every organization there are some products/services perused by them that need to be restructured considering manufacturing/marketing/technological /margin based constraints wherein we advise the client in this line regarding enhancing the margins and product acceptability by ensuring a proper coordination between market demand, resource availability, product/service composition and sufficient profit margins.


Debt Restructuring

Proper combination of fund and non fund based credit together with cost in terms of interest and bank charges form a major portion of cost of capital employed by any organization. Similarly, requirements of adequate funds together with timing is  another factor which primarily affects the cost of funds deployed and maintain the cash flow. We advise the management on timely servicing of debt including its rescheduling or restructuring, if required at any point of time, considering the regulatory norms and funds availability.


Technological Changes/ Up-gradation

In every business technological changes happen and need to be taken care of considering the business needs and keeping them up in the competitive race. It may relate to plant and machinery or compilation of information that flow along with flow of activity in the organization. Based on the technical evaluations and considering the technological advancements in the industry, we advise regarding the technological upgradations that are required by the entity to meet its requirements in the most cost efficient and effective way.


Management Information System and Controls

Capturing the data from the flow of activity , taking the adequate steps required to achieve the results and putting the controls thereof is the need of every business where necessary advice to the strategic manager is required. We offer the services regarding implementation of robust Management Information System considering the business environment and internal controls requirement of the entity.


Enterprise and Assets Valuations

The valuation of the assets or of enterprise are required at the time of transfer by merger/demerger or  for tax calculations which directly affect the consideration for transfer or the net worth of the entity. Thus in depth study is required considering the facts and circumstances vis a vis the expectations of the promoters.


Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection

The incidence of fraud being a universal problem continues to increase across all private and public sector  organizations . Employee and management fraud, theft embezzlement, and other financial crimes are increasing, therefore every enterprise requires accounting and auditing personnel who has training and skills to recognize those crimes, both at the state level and the grassroots (local) level to better ensure the organizations prospect in the area of fraud prevention, deterrence, detection, investigation and remediation. Forensic accounting includes the use of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assist in legal matters.

It also involves quantitative skill to collect, analyze, and evaluate financial evidence, as well as the ability to interpret and communicate findings. The external auditors   may not have the required training to be able to tackle modern frauds like white collar crimes such as security fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcies, contract disputes and possibly criminal financial transaction; including money laundering by organized criminals. The ability of the forensic accountant is to provide litigation support and investigative accounting. These areas have become a complex area of concern for the accounting profession.

We provide the organizations to introduce and adapt forensic accounting as a financial strategy to curb economic and financial crime which institutes good corporate governance installing public confidence in the organization’s system.